Programmed with only the best practices, Provoke bringing you an epic server rivaled by none other.
We focus on design, quality, security, and most importantly our players.

What is Provoke?

Provoke is a SpawnScape614 remake. Relive what used to be truely great.


Although in constant development, our content is near perfection, making it more stable than other servers.

Provoke Wars

Provoke Wars is a truly unique, team based minigame. What are you waiting for? Come lead your team to victory!

Weapon Game

Inspired by Call of Duty, come and advance weapon tiers by killing other players in this minigame.


If games of chance are your thing, we have a gambling zone to meet your needs.


Unlike any other 614 server if you don't feel like pking we have several fully working skills.

Active staff & developers

Our staff are always online to help you, and our developers are constantly working on new content.

Other Features

24/7 Uptime

With 24/7 uptime, you can enjoy the server and it's content, every minute of every day

Safe PK Drops

Make money and get great drops such as godswords and mystery boxes in safe pk. No risk. Just fun pking.


See for yourself what we have to offer

Join Provoke and embark on an epic adventure


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